Reasons to become a member

of Beta Sigma Phi! 

Ask most members why they joined and they will tell you, friendship. The friendships develop and deepen while learning through chapter programs or philanthropy done throughout the communities. However, the endless possibility of new friendships and a lot of fun is still the number one answer. 

In addition to helping you make the best friends of your life, Beta Sigma Phi has many benefits of membership. Some of these are:


  • Conventions – State, province and country 
  • On Line Chapters 
  • Local chapter membership 
  • Transfer privileges of membership 
  • Chat room 
  • Membership discounts 
  • Insurance programs 
  • Legacy membership for your special young girls 
  • On Line Torch Magazine or print subscription 
  • Gift shopping 
  • Disaster Relief Fund
  • Great support from Beta Sigma Phi International 

These are just some of the benefits that you will be entitled to use when you become a member. The real reason most of us are members now and will be forever, are our friendships and the fun we have with our sisters.

Chapters of Beta Sigma Phi average 10 – 15 women, meet in members’ homes either once or twice a month depending on the format of the chapter. Cultural programs are held to encourage personal growth, whether it’s to overcome shyness through group interaction, while members holding officer positions enhance their leadership skills. 

Conventions give us a chance to meet members worldwide and not just within our local communities, cities, state or province. Convention gatherings are typically, three day events to enjoy activities with good friends, good food and shopping. As an active member, you have the ability to attend conventions anywhere you might have an interest. Each year, there is usually at least one Internationally sponsored cruise. Any member, as well as her family or friends, are able to join our group for this cruise. Rates are typically better than you’d receive booking a cruise on your own.

If Beta Sigma Phi sounds like something that fits your needs, please contact us so chapters can invite you to meetings and socials.  You may want to visit a few chapters to see the one that fits you best.  Our Chapters page will tell you a bit about each chapter.  If you find one that is a good time or location, let us know and we will be sure that chapter knows about you