Laureate Beta

President: Gail Roueche

Vice President: Cheryl Harr

Meetings are on the 4th Wednesdays of the month at 1:00 pm year round. These meeting includes cultural programs and socials.

Members live inĀ  Sacramento ( except 1 in Elk Grove) and we are all retired. All members are either at the Preceptor or Torchbearer level so we welcome any current member who wishes to progress to a higher degree.

This year our President is Mary Geach who has been a member of Beta Sigma Phi since 1959.

We actively support the four main philanthropic projects of Northern California Council. We support Wellspring Women’s Center, a local service organization.

Anyone interested in learning more about Beta Sigma Phi and its aims and purposes is encouraged to visit at one of our monthly meetings.

For information please contact:

Mary Geach, President: 916-454-5789

Pat Butler, Vice President: 916-922-7739