Laureate Beta

President: Cheryl Harr    Vice-President: Patty Wood

Meetings are on the 4th Wednesdays of the month at 1:00 pm year round. (These meeting includes cultural programs and socials.)

Members live in Sacramento ( except 1 in Elk Grove) and we are all retired.

All members are either at the Preceptor or Torchbearer level so we welcome any current member who wishes to progress to a higher degree.

We actively support the four main philanthropic projects of Northern California Council. We support Wellspring Women’s Center, a local service organization.

Anyone interested in learning more about Beta Sigma Phi and its aims and purposes is encouraged to visit at one of our monthly meetings.


Founding member: Mary Geach since 1959, passed 2023

Chapter Contacts:

Contact:  Vice President, Patty Wood