Sisters of a feather, flock together in Friendship

Sacramento City Council Officers



President:  Susan McKellar

Vice President:  Emma Demers

Recording Secretary:  Cyndi Fisher

Corresponding Secretary:  Sue Schrader

Treasurer:  Bonnie Borden

Extension Officer:  Norma Tursky

Immediate Past President:  Rita Fagundes

Parliamentarian:  Dana McGrath

Member Sponsor:  Janet Carter

Educational Awards:  Sue Schrader

          First Lady of the Year:  Susan Brakenhoff

            Roster Director:  Charlotte Clements

     Sergeant-at-Arms:  Jan Higdon

Historian: Rita Fagundes

      Sister Chapter Coordinator:  Chris Underwood

      Torchette:  Heather Riley

Social Media Chairperson:  Charlotte Clements