The Mabel Saslow Educational Fund History and Scholarship Program

The Mabel Saslow Educational Fund was established in 1991 because of a very special Sister to all of us who knew her:  Mabel Saslow.
Mable was a founding member of “Alpha”, the 1st California Beta Sigma Phi chapter, founded in Sacramento, CA

Mabel had a life-long dream that someday there would be a scholarship fund established in the Sacramento City Council of BSP.  In 1991, that dream became a reality when SCC granted the members of Laureate Beta chapter permission to establish that fund.  Mabel was proud that the fund was named for her, and she was proud to still believe in the high ideals of BSP when she left us in 1999 at 97 years young.

This scholarship fund is available to BSP members, their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, their adopted children, and children for whom they are the legal guardians.

The first award was presented in 1992.  From that date through 2019,  forty-eight scholarships, totaling $36,500.00, have been awarded to outstanding students.  This figure definitely has Mabel smiling down upon us all.

The funding of the scholarships is made possible by the very generous donations from the members and chapters of the Sacramento City Council of Beta Sigma Phi.  Thank you, thank you to all of the members that deem the Mabel Saslow Educational Fund such an important and worthy cause that assists our younger generation to further their educational and career goals.

The Mabel Saslow Educational Fund Committee has five members in addition to the Chairman.  Sue Schrader, a member of Laureate Beta chapter, has chaired the Committee for the last two sorority years.  She has been appointed to serve for the 2018-2019 sorority year.  The other five members of the Committee are Rita Fagundes, Co-Chairman, Xi Rho Chi; Pat Butler, Laureate Beta; Arlene Espinoza, Xi Chi Omega; Rosemary Mathews, Laureate Delta Omicron; and Mary Roberson, Torchbearer Lambda.  Sue thanks these five members for their dedicated service to this important committee. They reviewed and evaluated the applications submitted this year; they selected the three outstanding 2018 recipients, each of whom will receive a scholarship in the amount of $3,300.00.


This year there were 2 recipients awarded the Mabel Saslow Educational Fund scholarship.

Ansley Riddell was the first recipient.  Her Grandmother, Diane Borden, member of Laureate Beta chapter, was her sponsor for this scholarship.  Ansley is a student at UCLA, completing her freshman year.  Her major field of study is Astrophysics, which fascinates her as she studies about the sheer magnitude of unexplored space.  Ansley hopes to make contributions to this field of study that changes the world and how we view what lies beyond.  Additionally, Ansley is a legacy member of Laureate Beta.  Ansley was awarded a scholarship in the amount of $1,600.00.  Her mother, Laura Riddell, accepted her award and shared Ansley’s message with all of us attending Founder’s Day.

Rory Strain was the second recipient.  His Grandmother, Marlene Bunting, member of Laureate Beta Omega chapter, is his sponsor for this scholarship.  Rory is a student at Western Washington University, where he is now completing his freshman year of studies.  When he entered the university last fall, Rory declared his major in Communication Studies.  Rory also has an interest in movies and may declare a minor in film studies.  As Rory looks to his future, he may pursue a career as an art director, where communications and physical aesthetics help to tell the whole story. Rory was awarded a scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00.  His mother, Michelle Strain, accepted his award and shared Rory’s message with all of us attending Founder’s Day.